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Passion for Inspirational speaking. and Athor

Inspiring Speaker

Brenda is a Speaker, Author,

 and Counselor.  Helping Women  with abuse.  And the hardship of being a Single mom.

She also has a passion for helping family members of those who have  Alzheimers  Diease.

Kind, Caring,  a genuine heart and love for people.

Live Now!

 Get excited about life . and all the possibilities it has to offer at any age.

Live your dreams today!  Life is too... short.   Eat the dessert first.

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You'll  enjoy the Loyalty , warm and caring spirit Brenda has.

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Get inspired, no matter what life may be handing you. know that it's not permanent. God has bigger plans for your life. Reach out today!   

We Are Also a counseling  company offering counseL to women  who have been sexually abused..

 Pricing for this service is seperate from speaking engagements. Book your session Today!.


Monday - Friday:  9a  - 5p Pacific time

 Saturday and Sunday, By Appt. Only!


Enjoy your speaking engagement today!  

Brenda Johnson is a great inspirational speaker who has a love and passion for 


  She also has a big heart for those with Alzheimers.  Enjoy your event today!  Your generous donations are greatly appreciated.

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